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Design Overview


Data Model Overview

Take a Look-See Around the Code 👀

We'll explore the code in detail as we hotwire each page, but for now just take a glance at the models, controllers, and routes. You shouldn't find anything out of the ordinary—it's all typical Rails stuff.

In particular, have a look at the Gemfile and you'll see that Hotwire (Turbo + Stimulus) is already installed, as indicated by these two lines:

gem "turbo-rails"
gem "stimulus-rails"

In addition to the server-side Ruby code installed by these gems, Hotwire also includes client-side JavaScript code. It comes in two packages which are listed in the package.json file:


That's how you know the app already has Hotwire installed, although the app doesn't use any of it yet. ⚡️

And don't worry, coming up we have notes about installing Hotwire in your own app.

New to Rails?

Sorry, this course isn't for Rails newbies. Hotwire brings new front-end tricks to the Rails game, but assumes you're already comfortable with the fundamentals of Rails, including:

  • ActiveRecord models and associations
  • controllers and actions
  • templates and partials
  • REST routes
  • and so on

But not to worry, we can help! In our popular introductory Rails course, you'll learn all the fundamentals and be ready for Hotwire. 🙌

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